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Glarity Blog

September 2nd, 2009

Glarity: A Fresh Resolve

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If you have been keeping up with the sporadic murmurs of our team this last year, you have noticed that we keep saying things will be done, only to have nothing seem to happen (if this is your first time to our blog, check out our About Glarity blurb).

It has been a long year. Last summer we were busy at conferences and festivals, telling people about the vision God had given us for the Glarity Media Store. At that time we truly thought the store would be up and running in just a few weeks. Months have gone by, and our curtain filler-page is still begging to be opened at We have had to hire a team of stage-mice just to keep the dust off the graphic.

Much has happened in these last long months, and not all of it has been easy to smile through. We have had team members loose the vision, people get married, and others move on to other things. We have been pressured by finances (who hasn’t been these days), and we have been lacking in resources. As our core team has shrunk, we have felt a spiritual battle going on as the evil one tries to shake this vision into disarray before it even begins… and yet, God is still leading, and we are still here.

We are still working, and by God’s grace and provision, we are coming back stronger than ever. It has gotten to be an expectation for our team. The more delays, disappointments, and dilemmas we face, the more God teaches us that this project is for His glory and not our own.

You may have seen our banner at a recent Mercy Me concert in Huntsville, AL. We plan on you seeing it in a lot more places. You can be involved in making this happen! Let us know if there is an event going on in your area that Glarity could help promote by emailing us at, and if you see us at your favorite music festival, come by and introduce yourself! We’d love to meet you!

February 9th, 2009

And The Work Continues…..

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We are so very sorry for the lack of posts we have made in the last several months! Wow, how time flies when you are crazy busy!

The Glarity Team has not only been working on the Media Store recently, but also following after the Lord’s leading and provision in working for the Kingdom through other, unavoidable, means. Our team members need to eat (even if they are mostly programmers who live on M&M’s and pizza), so until the webstore opens, we have been working part time on other contract work in order to pay the bills.

Here is a picture taken only moments ago…

And this picture was taken just a few days ago….

Clearly, we are busy cooking the code, and occasionally passing out from exhaustion with three monitors surrounding us :-)

Your prayers for our strength and encouragement are GREATLY needed and appreciated. Thank you for your support!

~ The Glarity Production Team

August 19th, 2008

Glarity @ WorshipGod08

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A few weeks ago, Glarity had the honor of being invited as an exhibitor at the exclusive, semi-annual event Worship God 08, presented by Sovereign Grace Ministries. Amidst exceptional seminars and Christ-centered worship, two of our team members had the privilege of connecting with worship pastors, worship teams , and independent artists from all over the country. What was more, it seemed that every person we talked to was excited and encouraged by the vision of the Glarity Media Store.

The Glarity Booth and two of our team members

(The Glarity Booth, and 2 of our team members)

We also connected with members of Sovereign Grace Music, one of the highly talented music groups who will be selling media through the store. It is always a joy to meet artists and independent producers face-to-face, and Sovereign Grace has been an invaluable blessing through their encouragement and wisdom. They have proved to be a rich resource for learning how to be diligently affective in producing God-honoring music, and all the main sessions from this year’s worship conference are available for free download on their website!

As our team of programmers continue to work toward launching one of the largest independently built web-stores in the world, we want to thank all of you who are supporting us through prayer, and are joining with us in the vision of glorifying God through quality media.

(Glarity Team Members along with Bo Lotinsky, a producer at Sovereign Grace Music)

July 8th, 2008

The Reason for the Curtain

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Well, here we are again. After a huge amount of energy and adrenaline working toward our Invitation Soft Launch this last week, we now find ourselves passing by another deadline.

On one hand, we greatly apologize for the inconvenience of this delay and the patience that you will need in order to wait a little longer to see this website.

However, as always, we have clearly seen the Lord’s will and direction in the most recent delays we have experienced.

We are closer than ever before to launching this project, and we want to make sure that no one misses the announcement when we get to present the store to the world. If you were trying to reach the Glarity Media Store, and arrived at this message instead, please be sure you are signed up for our email updates in the field to the left.

Also, if you received one of our brochures at the Cornerstone Music Festival last week, we want to make sure you have first access to the store. Send us an email at, and we will let you know as soon as the web-store is running.

Please be in frequent prayer for Glarity, and for our team. We have team members who are getting barely any sleep in order to launch this website as soon as possible. They need the sustaining strength that only the Lord can provide.

Evie Schmitt
Executive Board Assistant

July 7th, 2008

Cornerstone: Looking Back

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John’s hand flowed effortlessly over his guitar through a majestic chord of his new song “Limited Time.” Echoing off the tent walls, Reilly’s music took hold of the stage, and as the band played on, the crowds began to trickle in to the tent, lured by the sounds of beauty.

The Reilly band begins leading in worship

The past week was met with many such experiences as I discovered new bands and fresh music.  Even in the midst of all the good, however, the need for Glarity became even more apparent to me.

Sure, Cornerstone had a lot of good bands, but it was also peppered with the incessant drone of meaningless, aimless metal which seemed to serve no purpose other than to take away from the beautiful music.  I don’t mind metal, but if it has no purpose – no harmony, no melody – if it does nothing but purposelessly clutter the music with chaos and bitter interruption, then let me be the first to reject it.

Many of the bands whose music exemplified Glarity music standards, however, eagerly accepted the invitation to sell their work in the store.  It was a thrill to see them celebrating the idea, and I know they will become even more excited as they begin to make great tremendous profits and receive great publicity.

One band wears their Glarity sticker proudly in-concert
One band wore their Glarity stickers in-concert

In retrospect, the entire event was an excellent debut for Glarity into the public arena.  Based on the way it was received at Cornerstone by bands and listeners alike, you can count on hearing more about us from your friends. Already we have established a solid reputation for being the clean, safe environment where you can find uplifting music.

The Glarity banner makes its first appearance at Cornerstone
Glarity’s banner at the entrance to our tent

We’ll see you next year!

W.R. Alex Poythress

June 30th, 2008

See Glarity @ Cornerstone Music Festival!

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Cornerstone is one of the largest Christian music festivals in the country, held annually just outside Bushnell, IL.

This year, in association with Indie Community, we are thrilled to help sponsor 2008’s Cornerstone, from June 30-July 5!

This week’s limited opening of the Store has been deliberately scheduled to coincide with this event. As our debut public appearance, we’ll be there to make everyone aware of Glarity, and establish relationships with even more artists and content to include in the store. We’ll have pictures up later this week.

If you’re going to be at Cornerstone, come visit us in the Indie Community tent!

June 29th, 2008


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To those who have known about Glarity for a long time, and have been checking the website for months to see if there were any new developments, your curiosity and diligence have finally been rewarded. We appreciate your patience, and it is about to pay off. As we begin the process of fully opening the store, we know you will find what you have been waiting for, and that it was entirely worth it!

If you just learned about Glarity, and this is your first visit to the website, welcome!!

This week - beginning with this blog - you will see a large amount of activity at as we begin unveiling the digital marketplace that an amazing team of people have devoted countless hours to, in order to create something for God’s glory and your benefit.

We welcome your feedback, questions, and dialogue. You will find our email address in the left sidebar of this page.